Vietnamese hair factory: Top 4 best Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Vietnamese hair factories are well-known to be the top best hair suppliers in the world because of the high quality hair at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a good hair vendor to start a business, you should not pass Vietnamese hair factory. Here are the things you must know about how Vietnamese hair wholesalers and their hair factory system.


Vietnamese hair factory is always believed by many wholesalers in the world

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Things you should know about Vietnamese hair factory

Do you wonder why Vietnamese hair from Vietnam hair factory is so attractive to many salons and hair retailers? After making a survey with experts rating Vietnamese hair factory, we will show a detailed explanation about the reason why Vietnamese hair factory is so highly appreciated by many wholesalers and foreign companies. 

Which hair that Vietnamese Hair Factory use?

Vietnamese Hair Factory often use Vietnamese hair for production. Vietnamese Hair is 100% human natural hair, which is taken from Vietnamese women donors. It includes 3 grades of hair: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double hair. Vietnamese Hair from Vietnamese hair vendor has thick natural strands and high durability, so Vietnamese hair is the loved hairstyles to invest of many wholesale hair sellers in the world.

Vietnamese hair factory in recent years 

Vietnamese hair industry is growing at a fast speed and attracting a lot of attention. Investors from other countries are coming to Vietnam hair factory to do business in the hair market because they see great potential in Vietnamese hair factory.


Vietnamese natural hair from Vietnam hair factory

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Main hair products from Vietnam hair Factory

Do you want to know whether Vietnamese hair factory have the kind of hair extensions that you desire and what are their most favorite best selling hair types? We will find out right now!

Vietnamese hair material of Vietnam Hair Factory

Vietnamese hair is made of 100% natural human hair taken from Vietnamese healthy donors. Vietnam hair factory is well-known to be hair vendors of many salons and resellers who just started their hair business. Vietnamese hair is long, strong, thick, silky, no tangling or shedding and goes great with any hairstyles, colors and high durability. 

Hair quality grades from Vietnamese hair factory 

Generally,  there are three main Vietnamese hair grades used by Vietnamese hair vendors: 

  • Single drawn hair: 45-50% hair strands in the same length, the rest is mixed with shorter hair, has low quality with the cheapest price.
  • Double drawn hair: 60-70% hair strands in the same length, the rest is mixed, has great quality at an affordable price. This is also the best seller of Vietnam hair factory.
  • Super double drawn hair: has 80-90% of hair is in the same length, has the best quality and is more expensive.

Hair quality grades from Vietnamese hair factory

Beside from the 3 main grades named above, there is also another one for special orders with the highest quality and the most expensive: VIP Full Length. This grade contains 99% hair in the same length so the fullness of the hair is even from the top to the bottom. 

Double drawn hair is the best selling product in Vietnam hair factory with great fullness and it is not so expensive.

Vietnamese hair type based on origins

Along with the hair grades ,Vietnamese hair factory divided the hair into 3 main types that is:

  • Vietnamese virgin hair: is hair that has NOT been manipulated by chemical processing in any way and collected from ONLY ONE person.
  • Vietnamese remy hair: is unprocessed hair taken from 2-3 donors and combed in the same direction by skillful hair workers.
  • Vietnamese non-remy hair: is mixed hair from many donors in different directions. 

As you can see, Vietnamese Virgin Hair has the best quality with the highest price and Non-remy Vietnamese Hair has the worst quality, cheapest price and Vietnamese hair factory do not sell this. Whereas Vietnamese Remy Hair from Vietnam hair factory is the most favorable to wholesalers because of its great quality and reasonable price (not too expensive or too cheap). The reason that makes such a difference among these 3 Vietnamese hair types is the uniformity in texture and hair color. This makes the Vietnamese hair tangle free, less shedding and when you bleach or dye into another tone it achieves a beautiful even color through the hair.

Vietnamese hair extensions: Raw hair extensions and Weft hair extensions

Like many other countries factories, Vietnam hair factory also has 2 type extensions: Vietnamese Raw hair extension and Vietnamese Weft hair extensions:

  • Vietnamese Raw Hair Extensions: made from 100% Vietnamese women hair, completely unprocessed and chemical free, stay in an authentic natural Vietnamese hair state.
  • Vietnamese Weft Hair extension: is the collection of Vietnamese hair strands that have been attached to a fine clothing strip at one end.

Raw Vietnamese Hair From Vietnam Hair Factory

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Vietnamese raw hair is perfect for making tip hair extension, tape hair extension, clip-in hair extension, raw bulk hair bundles whereas Vietnamese weft hair extension is often used to make weft hair bundles, full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs,…

Customers market of Vietnamese hair Factory

The Customer market of Vietnamese hair wholesalers are mainly from Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa,..) and Europe. Most of the customers are working in the hair business like opening a salon, hair stylish, hair extension wholesalers and retailers.

Our customer market is expanding as Vietnamese hair is more and more popular everyday as expected of high quality hair at an affordable price and great service. You can find Vietnam hair factory in any social media available like Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube,… and you can also chat directly with the sale manager through Whatsapp.

Top 5 standards to make a good quality Vietnamese hair factory

According to the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are 5 standards to make a good Vietnamese hair factory which are: owing manufacturing license, production scale and facilities, have a business registration certificate, skilled human resources and hair experts, strict production, and censorship process. A Legal Standard Vietnamese Hair Supplier must meet up with 5 above standards to be considered as a Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese hair factory must own manufacturing license

Every Vietnam hair factory must possess a manufacturing license in order to be legally recognized as a standard factory. 

5S Hair Factory – a famous Vietnam hair factory has received a manufacturing license since the day we stepped into the hair market.


manufacturing license from Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese hair factory must have Standard Production scale and facilities

A Vietnamese hair factory that wants to ensure good operation must ensure minimum conditions in terms of production scale and facilities. First, the production scale of a standard hair factory is 200 workers. Second, the factory must fully ensure the minimum conditions of facilities such as the working environment, machines and equipment.

In a Vietnamese hair factory, it is necessary to have at least 5 specialized rooms for processing hair:

  • Raw hair room: where the hair collected from donors is selected, classified, brushed and formed into bundles.
  • The weft room: contains standard hair sewing machines to make weft hair
  • Curly room: make various types of curly hair extensions using tradition or modern method.
  • Color room: where the hair is bleached and dyed in different colors using good quality, safe and friendly chemicals.
  • Store room: must have a minimum capacity of 5 tons of hair.

5s Hair Vietnam Hair Factory

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All these specialized rooms have to ensure the hygiene standard and safe working environment for employees.

In 5S Hair- Vietnamese hair factory, we are proud to meet all the standards needed in hair manufacturing. Our production scale is up to 5000 hair employees working in different specialized departments: the raw hair room, the weft room, the curly room, the color room, the product testing room, the storage room and the packing room. All the hair machines and equipment is imported from Korea, Japan, and America so that the hair can have even high quality. The chemicals to bleach and dye hair are high products made from natural ingredients, 100% friendly and safe for using. The colored Vietnamese hair can meet European colors standard and hard to fade.

Vietnamese hair factory must-have a business registration certificate of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

In order to do business in foreign trade, a Vietnamese hair factory must receive a certificate of business registration from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. If the wholesale hair vendor is not given business licenses, all their commercial activities from foreign countries are illegal.


business registration certificate of 5S Hair Factory

5S Hair Factory has possessed this certification and does business with many customers from different countries around the world. 5S Hair Factory has grown big and strong to become a prestigious Vietnamese hair vendor to many hair salons and hair retailers.

Vietnamese hair factory must have skilled human resources and hair experts 

In the hair wholesale extensions business, the quality of human resources must be emphasized because the more skilled the workers are, the better the products will be. All Vietnamese hair factory employees have to be professionally trained and have experiences for at least 5 years in the business. Moreover, the Vietnam hair factory should have a team of hair experts to analyze and evaluate the standards of every hair product. 


skilled employees and hair experts from Vietnam hair factory

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In 5S Hair Factory, we also focus on developing a high quality human resource specialized in different departments. Firstly, our hair skilled workers have at least 10 to 15 years experience working in the hair extension business. Secondly, we have a strong leader team of hair experts and managers to control the system and test the product. Finally, our sales agents will in charge of negotiating contracts, hair orders and take care of the customers

Vietnamese hair factory must have strict production and censorship process

  • Last but not least, in order to produce uniform quality hair, the production line in Vietnamese hair factory  must have a rigorous controlling method. 
  • 5S Hair Factory always puts quality first and we have a very strict control and censorship system. All departments in 5S Factory have a monitoring system and have their own criteria to evaluate labor productivity as well as quality of products. Therefore, the hair from our factory is always guaranteed for the best quality and uniformity.
  • In 5s Hair Factory, we are proud to be the first hair factory which meets up with 5 Standards Of Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade. If you are a wholesale hair seller, then choosing a reliable hair factory is very important because you are protected by law and government.

Top 4 Vietnamese hair factory that meet 5 Standards of Ministry of Industry and Trade

Based on 5 standards of Ministry of Industry and Trade about a standard hair factory, here are top 3 Vietnamese Hair Factory meetings all the standards of a legal Vietnamese Hair Factory

5S Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese Hair Factory

5S Hair Factory is the best Vietnamese hair vendors in Vietnam, supplying 100% high-quality Vietnamese raw bulk virgin hair, weft hair, curly wavy hair extension, lace closure frontal, and human lace wigs  to wholesale hair sellers in the world such as Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America,… especially Africa market (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa,…)

5S Vietnamese Hair Factory Is New To Social Media? Yes, 5s hair is new to social media because 5s hair is the first hair factory in Vietnam since 1989. We were direct pure Vietnamese hair supplier (not commercial) so we are not viral on social, just sold wholesale huge orders directly to loyal customers or customers who visited Vietnam and bought directly at our factory. Because of the covid-19 effect, we decided to do marketing on social media so that all customers over the world can buy hair directly from our hair factory!


5s Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese Hair Factory


5s Hair factory – one of the best Vietnam Hair factory


How to Import Hair From Vietnamese Hair Factory

Check This Post Here To Find Out:

How to import hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory?

How to import hair extension from Vietnam to Nigeria

Top 2 K-Hair Factory

K-hair factory is one of the biggest hair factory in Vietnam, supplying wholesale orders to all traders in the world. The main market of K-hair Vietnamese Hair Factory is from Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa,…), America, Russia, Brazil, Dubai,… This Vietnam hair factory is famous on social media these years and among wholesale customers all over the world. K-hair Vietnamese hair Factory is considered to be “loyal vendors” of foreign customers because of the best price, high quality and assurance policy.


K-Hair Top 2 Vietnamese Hair Factory


K-Hair one of the Biggest Vietnamese Hair Factory

  • Main Products : Weft Hair Extension, Virgin Raw Hair To Bleach to 613 color, Remy Hair Extension, Lace Closure Frontal, Transparent HD lace, Pony Tail, Clip-in Hair Extension,…
  • Payment: Nigeria account for customers from Nigeria, others method are also available like Western Union/ Moneygram/ Bank Account/ World Remit
  • Shipment: Ship From Vietnam to Nigeria through Mr. Gabriel agent, other international shipment are also available as Ups/Dhl/Fedex

K-Hair Is The Only Vietnamese Hair vendor Offering NAIRA rate support policy for customers. With wholesale orders from 5kg, customers  will get rate 472 (the best crazy rate in covid time. The rate in Nigeria market buy and sell is around 490 more)


Weft Hair Extension From K-Hair Biggest Vietnamese Hair Factory


Top 3 Vietnamese hair factory: is still a website branch of K-Hair Vietnamese Hair Factory. However, this website is optimized specially for Nigerian customers so that Nigeria customers can load this page more quickly, to avoid Internet interruption problems.

vietnamese-hair-factory-top-4-best-hair-suppliers-distributors-20 is specific designed for Nigeria Customers


Weft Hair Extension From K-hair Vietnamese Hair Factory


K-hair vietnamese Hair Company Feedback

Queen hair – a new launch Vietnamese hair factory

Although only appeared in recent years, but Queen hair is gradually asserting their position in the hair extension industry.

  • Queen hair provides consumers with the highest quality hair products at the most reasonable prices. Besides, they also receive a lot of compliments on customer service.
  • Queen hair has a variety of hairstyles and colors, giving customers more choices.
  • Queen hair deserves to be ranked in the top 4 Vietnamese hair factory because they have brought positive comments from many wholesalers from countries like Nigeria, USA, UK, etc.

How to import hair from Vietnamese hair factory

These are steps by steps to import hair from Vietnamese hair factory:

  1.  Choose Suitable Time To Start
  2.  Have An Amount Of Budget
  3.  Choose a reliable hair factory vendor
  4. Willing To Accept The Worst Situations In the Hair Business

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