Why Vietnamese hair is crowned the best quality hair in the market

Vietnam is proud to be one of the top 5 countries that provide the best quality hair in the world. Customers around the world are attracted to Vietnamese hair because it has the perfect quality at a reasonable price. So let’s talk about Vietnamese hair and what makes it become a famous celebrity in the industry competing with others.


Vietnamese Best Quality Hair Extension

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The demand for Vietnamese hair in the market

Vietnamese hair is an extremely hot item in the wholesale hair market with tens of tons of hair sold on the market every month because resellers can make huge profits from Vietnamese hair.


The demand for Vietnamese hair in the market

  • Vietnamese hair extensions are always loved by many people, especially they are very suitable for African hair users. Therefore, when hair extensions dealers in Africa import Vietnamese hair extensions from Vietnam, they can resell Vietnamese hair at a price 3 to 6 times higher than the original price.
  • Especially, for the European and American markets, Vietnamese hair extensions are always selling well. However, Vietnamese hair factories are more export-oriented than in Africa. Therefore, Vietnamese hair extensions in the European and American markets are not as many as Indian or Chinese hair, but Vietnamese hair extensions are always sold out. Therefore, the price of Vietnamese hair when sold in large markets and with customers in the high segment will be 8 to 15 times higher than the price purchased from a Vietnamese hair factory.
  • And this trend will not stop because the demand is increasing day by day and the supply of Vietnamese hair tends to decrease slightly due to urbanization.

  • In addition, the price of Vietnamese hair is always at the top of super cheap hair types. However, the quality of Vietnamese hair is among the best in the world thanks to the selection of Vietnamese hair from women living in the mountain areas. So, when you own Vietnamese hair extensions, it means you are owning top-quality hair at an affordable price.

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So, if you want to make a profit from this smokeless industry, Vietnamese hair is definitely a product you cannot ignore. Let’s learn more about Vietnamese hair in this article.

Overview of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is famous and preferred for its natural smoothness and softness that chemicals cannot disguise. First, let’s get to know the origin and the characteristics of Vietnamese hair-the best quality hair on the market.

Vietnamese hair origin

Vietnamese hair is defined as 100% natural human hair taken directly from Vietnamese women at the age from 18 to 30 living in the mountain areas of Vietnam. 

  • This is the ideal age for women, the time when the amount of keratin in the hair (the substance that keeps hair smooth) is most abundant, so Vietnamese hair after processing is still very smooth.
  • Only the qualified hair will be selected and then sorted carefully by professional workers so that Vietnamese hair will always come out of the best quality.
  • Vietnamese hair is only cut from 1 to 3 donors to ensure that the hair is not messy, the texture is uniform, the hair after styling is durable and beautiful.

Women in mountainous areas are not exposed to curling services or harmful chemicals, so they always take care of their hair with 100% natural products, so Vietnamese hair is extremely strong and durable. beautiful, meet all the needs of customers.

Vietnamese hair predominant characteristic

Vietnamese hair has very outstanding features that surely those who pursue quality products and focus on high-end experiences at affordable prices cannot ignore. 

  • Length: Vietnamese hair is very diverse in length, unlike Cambodian hair which grows slowly, so the length is quite limited, Vietnamese hair can meet all standards in length from 8 to 32 inches. 
  • Thickness: Vietnamese women also have thick hair. Using natural vegetation to take care of Vietnamese hair helps nourish the hair and prevents shedding.  Although thick, Vietnamese hair is not stiff but still thin and light, does not cause a heavy head when used. 
  • Black: Vietnamese natural hair color is black, very suitable for the skin tone of American and American women. With Vietnamese hair, they can create beautiful rich silky hair that brings out perfect fresh looks not just with Asian or African women but everyone in the world.
  • Dyeing and bleaching ability: It is not natural that Vietnamese hair is popular in Europe – the most demanding market in terms of quality. Thanks to the strong hair base, Vietnamese hair can be bleached and dyed to any color tone, most notably blonde 613 – the brightest color and the best seller in Europe.

Dyeing and bleaching ability of Vietnamese hair

  • Straight: The majority of Vietnamese people’s hair is straight. Therefore, Vietnamese hair can be styled without going through a step of straightening like Indian hair – which is quite weak and ruffled. Limiting exposure to chemicals makes Vietnamese hair stronger and holds extremely well.
  • Smooth and silky:  It’s a common misconception that the thicker hair of Vietnamese people makes it coarse and unmanageable, but that’s not the case. In point of fact, the natural quality of Vietnamese hair is that it is very long, very thick, very dark in color, very straight, very smooth, and very silky.
  • The durability of Vietnamese hair: When compared to other countries products, such as those from China (2-3 years) or India, the longevity of Vietnamese hair is far superior, lasting anywhere from 8 to 20 years (6 months to 1 year).
  • Price: The price of Vietnamese hair is extremely competitive compared to competitors. Indian hair used to be known for its cheap price, but in fact, Indian hair is very expensive now because it is difficult to obtain pure hair. Even Indian virgin hair is more expensive than Vietnamese hair, although the quality is not as good as Vietnamese hair.

It should come as no surprise that Vietnamese hair is the center of the hair industry and is a product that is widely sought after by resellers given all of the wonderful qualities that it possesses.

Vietnamese hair quality classification

According to the first-ever Vietnamese hair extension makers, there are 3 criteria to classify Vietnamese hair good, based on the different fullness, uniformity, and uses. 

The grade of Vietnamese hair

The grade of Vietnamese hair is simply the thickness from the top to the end of the wholesale hair extensions bundles. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is divided to 3 different quality grades: single-drawn Vietnamese hair, double-drawn Vietnamese hair, and super double-drawn Vietnamese hair.

  • Single drawn Vietnamese hair: This type of Vietnamese hair has 45-50% strands in the same length, the rest is mixed with shorter hair. You will easily notice that a single hair bundle is full at the top and thinner as you go down at the end.
  • Double-drawn Vietnamese hair: This type of Vietnamese hair has 60-70% strands of the same length, the rest is mixed. This is the most preferred Vietnamese hair grade due to the good quality and reasonable price, especially for African clients. 
  • Super double-drawn Vietnamese hair: This type of Vietnamese hair has 80-90% of hair in the same length and is considered the best quality Vietnamese hair bundle. The fullest of hair also comes with an expensive price. European customers are very interested in this type of Vietnamese hair because of its high affordability and top priority of quality.

Quality Grade Of Vietnamese Hair

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There is also another grade for VIP customers looking for a FULL-length Vietnamese hair. This VIP Vietnamese hair consists of up to 99% hair strands in the same length with the most expensive price. Therefore, this grade of Vietnamese hair is not so popular with wholesalers and is made for special orders only. 

Vietnamese hair uniformity in origin

In terms of uniformity or origin, hair extension in general and in Vietnamese hair factory has only 2 types: virgin Vietnamese hair abd remy Vietnamese hair. Non-remy Vietnamese hair: is mixed with many donors’ hair in different directions. This type of Vietnamese hair is considered the worst type with the cheapest price. While remy hair is combed by skillful hair workers in only 1 direction, non-remy hair is totally the opposite. Therefore, non-remy hair bundles can easily get tangled and shed a lot. Vietnamese hair factories prioritize quality so they don’t sell this type.

  • Vietnamese Virgin hair: This Vietnamese hair is hair that has NOT been manipulated by chemical processing in any way (coloring, relaxing, and/or perming). Among Vietnamese hair extensions, virgin hair is collected from ONLY ONE person. The quality of these Vietnamese hair bundles is beyond compare because of the high uniformity in texture and hair color. This type of Vietnamese hair is the best quality hair in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Virgin Hair

  • Vietnamese Remy hair: This type of Vietnamese hair is collected from 2-3 donors with unprocessed hair in the same direction. This is the most common hair in the world with good quality at a reasonable price. 

If you are investing in the hair business, you always have to be alert as there are many hair factories and hair wholesalers in the market trying to trick you by mixing the low-quality types of hair bundles. Be smart and only buy from trustworthy and prestigious Vietnamese hair vendors and hair wholesalers.

The processing method of Vietnamese hair

Based on different purposes and processing methods, Vietnamese hair has 2 types which are raw Vietnamese hair (bulk hair) and Vietnamese hair extensions. 

  • Raw Vietnamese hair: also known as bulk hair, is one of the most basic types of Vietnamese hair.
    • The production process is very simple: the Vietnamese hair after cutting will be combed smoothly, and divided into bundles according to length.
    • Depending on the grade, the Vietnamese hair will be mixed with different lengths in different proportions, then bundled into bundles of 100 grams and exported.
    • The main customers of this Vietnamese hair type are salons in Europe, Africa, and America, they buy raw Vietnamese hair for hair extensions according to the needs of customers.
    • In addition to the most natural black color, raw Vietnamese hair is also sold as bleached hair to the European market.

Raw Vietnamese hair

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  • Vietnam Hair  Extension: it is  raw Vietnamese hair that is processed in many ways, the two most popular types are weft hair and tape/tip hair.
    • Weft Vietnamese hair is hair that is woven into a strip and then sewn into the client’s hair to increase thickness and length, this is the most popular Vietnamese hair type in Africa because the women here have very short hair.

Weft hair extensions

    • Tape/tip Vietnamese hair: Used to stick on hair with tape or glue to increase thickness. This type of Vietnamese hair extension is mainly sold in the European market, where women have long, thin hair.

Tape/tip hair extensions

    • In addition, Vietnamese hair extensions also have a number of other types such as clip-in, micro link…

Why Vietnamese hair is always the first choice for wholesale hair sellers  

Vietnamese hair is proudly rated as one of the top 5 best hair quality with wonderful features you can find nowhere in the world. So what makes Vietnamese hair so fascinating and attracts so many customers? Let’s find out about Vietnamese hair right now!

Vietnamese hair material is transparent

Vietnamese hair factory only uses real Vietnamese hair, no synthesis hair or animal fur.  Vietnamese hair is taken from young donors in Vietnam from ages from 18-30. Especially women’s hair from minority ethnic regions is the most perfect hair to make extensions because it is 100% pure natural, chemical-free, long, silky and strong. Vietnamese hair is ethically collected and carefully graded to ensure the best customer experience.

Vietnamese hair have the best quality with affordable price

As analyzed, Vietnamese hair has extremely superior quality and price compared to two competitors, India and China.

  • In terms of quality, Vietnamese hair has much higher durability than the other two suppliers, Vietnamese hair has natural strength and shine, unlike Indian hair, which is quite rough and weak.
  • The bleaching ability of Vietnamese hair is excellent, meeting all needs, while Indian or Chinese hair can only bleach certain color tones. Vietnamese hair after bleaching is not as durable and naturally shiny as the initial Vietnamese hair, the shine of Chinese hair is mainly due to chemicals.

Vietnamese hair have the best quality with affordable price

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  • The price of Vietnamese hair is extremely affordable, only a few dollars difference compared to Chinese hair, not much compared to the excellent quality of Vietnamese hair.
  • Vietnamese hair factories are also very reputable, never mixing synthetic fibers into real Vietnamese hair – a problem often complained about by customers when buying hair from Chinese factories.

In today’s imperfectly competitive market, quality is always a top priority. In this respect, Vietnamese hair completely dominates the game. That is not to mention the affordable price of Vietnamese hair, helping customers to satisfy both criteria: price and quality.

Moderation and quality evaluation process of Vietnamese hair

In order to give the best Vietnamese hair product to the hand of the customers, the moderation and quality evaluation process must be strict. So that Vietnamese hair factories can assure everything runs smoothly and meet high standards.

Besides, compared to Chinese mass production, the Vietnamese hair production scale is smaller which means it is easier to control the process and assure even product quality.  


Moderation and quality evaluation process of Vietnamese hair

Preservation and packaging of Vietnamese hair

Just like every other process, preservation and packaging is very important to maintain Vietnamese hair in good conditions. The warehouse must accommodate at least 1 ton of Vietnamese hair waiting to be processed. In 5S Hair- the best Vietnamese hair vendor, we are able to store 5 tons of raw Vietnamese hair under hygienic conditions and use the best preservation technologies.

How to import Vietnamese hair to your countries

Vietnamese hair business is expanding worldwide and creating an auspicious value for the industry. So if you are interested in importing Vietnamese hair to start a business as well as for personal use, these are a few things you need to know.

Overview of the Vietnamese hair industry

In recent years, many people wonder if Vietnamese hair is good. Undeniably, the current Vietnamese hair market is extremely vibrant and competitive. In order to integrate with the world, the Vietnamese hair factory has created a strong foundation of human hair sources, quickly understands and responds to the needs of customers and the market requirements as well as catches up with the trends. Our Vietnamese hair companies strive to look to the world with the desire to rise. Our priority focuses on the quality of the products and the customer service is what makes us unique, and attractive to investors and customers. 

Suppliers choice

When choosing a raw Vietnamese hair vendor, it’s always necessary to travel to Vietnam to inspect the factory, warehouse, and product journey with an expert about Vietnamese hair. This may seem like overkill, but by this, you can be sure that you don’t meet any scam Vietnamese hair vendor and get the best products.


How to avoid scam when searching for a reputable Vietnamese hair vendor

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How to avoid scams when searching for a reputable Vietnamese hair vendor to invest:

  • The hair company/ factory/ vendors reputation: It’s always safe to invest your money into famous or prestigious Vietnamese hair vendors/ wholesalers. They can guarantee you good Vietnamese hair quality and customer service.
  • Experience the company/products yourself: if you intend to invest in big quantities of Vietnamese hair, you should go straight to the company and see the hair-making process yourself.
  • Read the reviews: asking and searching for reviews and comments from other ex-customers about the quality of this Vietnamese hair vendor.
  • Verify information: besides reading reviews from old customers about Vietnamese hair, you should check the information yourself and do not fall for their sweet words. 
  • Cheap prices – lower quality: keep in mind that the cheapest is the dearest and you get what you pay for Vietnamese hair.
  • You can also collaborate with your colleagues or network with other businesses that work with Vietnamese hair vendors to get the names of good Vietnamese hair suppliers for your specific niche.

Payment methods

Nowadays, with the development of technology, there are common and easy payment methods to buy Vietnamese hair such as WU Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal, Wisetransfer, Worldremit,… 


Shipment Method For Vietnamese Wholesale Hair

UPS Worldwide Express and DHL Express are the two specialists in international shipping and courier delivery services. Their services are available in every country so the distance is no longer a problem. 

The best Vietnamese hair vendors for you to cooperate

When you first start up a business in the hair beauty industry like opening a salon or becoming a professional hair stylist and hair extension seller, you might wonder how to find a good quality Vietnamese hair supplier. And how can you stay away from getting scammed, and wasting your time and money? 

So, here are the top 5 best Vietnamese hair vendors for you to work with.

5S Hair Factory – the best Vietnamese hair vendor with the most affordable price

If you have ever known Vietnamese hair, you must have heard about 5S Hair Factory – the leading supplier of Vietnamese hair worldwide.


5S Hair Factory – the best Vietnamese hair vendor with the most affordable price

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  • 5S Hair Factory is known as the first wholesale Vietnamese hair extension factory in the market with many years of experience, ensuring absolute credibility with customers.
  • With a medium-sized factory operated by hundreds of workers, 5S exports more than 2 tons of Vietnamese hair every month, half of which is for the Nigerian market, the rest are from countries like South Africa, Cameroon, England, USA, Brazil….
  • 5S Hair Factory’s Vietnamese hair is hand-picked by employees from the northern mountainous regions of Vietnam and hand-sorted carefully, ensuring transparency and purity in origin.
  • 5S’s Vietnamese hair is extremely diverse in style and color, meeting the needs of all customers, from salons wishing to buy bulk hair or Vietnamese virgin hair, to hair extensions with color tones suitable for both African and Europe clients.
  • 5S Hair Factory sells Vietnamese hair at the cheapest price in the market because the company is self-sufficient in supply and optimizes the production process due to its long experience.


  • 5S Hair’s Vietnamese hair is not only highly appreciated for its quality and affordable price, but the customer care service from consulting to after-sales is very good and makes customers satisfied.

If you have an idea about a Vietnamese hair business model, it is definitely not possible to ignore 5S Hair because the price is too affordable compared to the quality of their Vietnamese hair as well as the quality of service they bring.


K-Hair Factory – the long-standing Vietnamese hair vendor

Along with the 5S Hair Factory, K-Hair Factory is another well-known Vietnamese hair vendor with a lot of experience.

  • Vietnamese hair is 100% natural hair, no synthetic hair, and comes in a variety of varieties, including virgin hair, Remy hair, single/double/super double drawn hair, weft extensions, and so on.
  • K-Hair also owns a medium-sized factory in Vietnam, which ensures their Vietnamese hair is produced to standards and is transparent about its origin.
  • The price of K-Hair’s Vietnamese hair is higher than 5S Hair’s, but compared to other Vietnamese hair suppliers, it is still quite affordable and worth the price.

K-Hair Factory – the long-standing Vietnamese hair vendor

  • Although there are still some bad reviews about K-Hair’s Vietnamese hair, the quantity is not significant, so it can still be concluded that K-Hair’s Vietnamese hair is of good quality.

K-Hair is definitely one of the top suppliers to cooperate with when buying Vietnamese hair, along with 5S Hair, these are the top 2 Vietnamese hair suppliers in the world.

Queen hair – Vietnamese hair vendor for only Nigerian clients

Queen hair is a Vietnamese hair supplier dedicated to the Nigerian market – the world’s largest hair-consuming market.

  • Queen Hair has its own factory, specializing in manufacturing and distributing Vietnam hair extensions wholesale at affordable prices.
  • Queen Hair’s Vietnamese hair prices are very affordable when compared to the prices of hair suppliers in the Nigerian market in particular and Africa in general.

  • Queen Hair has only appeared on the market since 2020, so the number of feedback about their Vietnamese hair is still quite small. However, we had the opportunity to work with this supplier and highly appreciated the quality and manufacturing process of their wholesale Vietnamese hair.

If you want to do business with Vietnamese hair in the Nigerian market, Queen Hair is definitely a supplier that should not be missed along with 5S Hair as well as K-Hair.

Mic hair – the Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

Mic Hair has been one of the most well-reviewed Vietnamese hair extension vendors for hair resellers for the past ten years.

  • Mic hair is made of natural Vietnamese hair that is 100 percent Remy hair. Colors and styles are also fairly varied.
  • The price of this supplier’s Vietnamese hair is very expensive compared to other suppliers, although the hair is still a bit frizzy and tangled.

  • There are quite a lot of feedback about Mic Hair’s Vietnamese hair on Youtube, besides the positive feedback, there are also many complaints about this Vietnamese hair supplier about the quality.

Feedback about Mic Hair’s Vietnamese hair

With Mic Hair’s Vietnamese hair price not cheap, we advise you to be careful when buying or choose hair suppliers with better reviews and cheaper prices like 5S Hair or K-Hair.

Anka Hair – the young Vietnamese hair vendor

This is a relatively new Vietnamese hair supplier in the market with 10 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing Vietnamese hair.

  • Anka Hair offers a comprehensive range of Vietnamese hair goods, including 100 percent remy lady hair in bulk and weft hair extensions, as well as bespoke Vietnamese hair extensions based on clients’ preferences for color and texture.
  • Anka hair’s Vietnamese hair price is the second most expensive on the list, after Mic Hair.
  • It is difficult to find customer reviews about this supplier’s Vietnamese hair, but in our opinion, it is a bit dry and tangled because they do not have much production experience.

Although Anka Hair’s Vietnamese hair prices are quite high, in return, their website is quite convenient with many languages such as Russian, Spanish… easy for customers who do not use English fluently.



For more information about Vietnamese hair extensions and Vietnamese hair wholesalers, please contact 5S HAIR FACTORY BOSS to get the best wholesale price: 

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