Remy Hair Extension: Finding High Quality Remy Hair Extension Suppliers

Along with the growing trend of diverse hairstyles, Remy hair extensions are the top choice for businesses. High Remy hair extensions quality is the most important factor that any business and individual is interested in, so how to find a Reputable Supplier to experience the service and have long-term cooperation, let’s check out the following content immediately.

Basic Info You Need To Know About Remy Hair Extension

What you need to know about Remy Hair Extension before starting a hair business with any partner

Definition of Remy Hair Extension

Remy hair extensions are real raw hair from one or more donors, rearranged in a certain direction from top to bottom.


Remy hair extension- 100% real human hair

What makes Remy hair extensions stand out is the maintenance of the hair cuticle during the Remy hair collection process, but it may have gone through some type of steam processing, even though it might not have been dyed or permed.

* Why is it important to preserve the cuticles of the Remy hair extensions?

Because the cuticle of Remy hair consists of many keratin layers linked together to create shine, smoothness, and softness of the hair. If the Remy hair extensions do not hold this cuticle, the hair extensions quality is certainly not guaranteed.


High-quality Remy hair structure

Remy hair extension would be professionally processed and dyed, so it can perfectly match your hair.

Features of Remy Hair Extensions

Questions that new users often ask about Remy Hair Extension are answered here

  • Source of Remy Hair Extensions: Most Remy hair extensions come from popular nations such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Brazil,…

A highlight for Remy hair extension in recent years comes from Vietnam, with hair quality that meets the highest requirements: The age of the main donors for Remy hair extensions is from 15-25 years old who have pure natural, strong, shiny black hair because Vietnamese girls give preference to using natural shampoos or directly washing hair with water locust,…

  • Can I bleach and dye Remy Hair Extensions: The answer is yes. You can bleach and dye Remy hair extensions like other raw bulk hair extensions. However, be careful in finding high-quality Remy hair extensions to ensure the hair treatment process with chemicals achieves the expected results.
  • Durability of Remy Hair Extensions: 3-6 months ( lasts up to 12- 25 weeks and more)

To own a long-lasting Remy hair extension, be smart in choosing a Remy hair source. Always choose the highest quality Remy hair to ensure longevity and care, as you can use different heat styling and wash your hair like your real hair.

  • Hairstyles from Human Hair For Remy Hair Extensions: If your real hair is thin, weak, easily damaged but you still want to create a variety of hairstyles and change a new look every day, then Remy hair extension is the best option for you. Remy hair extensions catch up with all modern hairstyle trends.

Various Types Of Remy Hair Extensions

Remember, all types of Remy hair extensions can be bleached, dyed, heat-styled,… because they are all real natural human hair.

The different point is how raw hair is rearranged to suit different aims. You should know the 4 main types of Remy hair extensions below to find out the right one for your business.

  • Remy hair extensions weft: Remy hair extensions weft are natural hair extensions sewn into a fixed seam. Business owners, hair salon owners prefer weft hair extensions because of their convenience: Light and tight seam, easy to apply on customer’s hair. Especially firms from Russia, EU, UK, Brazil… all prioritize choosing Remy hair extensions sew in because its durability can last up to 6 months and more.

Remy hair extension weft

  • Remy hair extension tape in: Remy hair tape in extensions is real hair that is put together and has a layer of glue on top. When applied to the hair, heat will be used to melt the glue.

Remy hair tape in extension

Remy hair extensions tape in is becoming more and more popular because it has more stability and less tension on the hair. With good treatment and cleaning, the glue in Remy human hair extension tape is reusable in the time from 6 to 10 weeks. This is types of wholesale hair extensions loved by European customers.

You can easily guide your customers to use the product and get their satisfaction.

  • Remy hair extension clip in: Natural Remy clip in hair extensions is practical because you can use them every day, continuously for a long time that lasts from 3 to 6 months. Moreover, the clips are easy to manage and can be removed as needed to create relaxation for the hair.

Remy hair clip in extension

Remy hair extensions clip in are also real human hair that is folded in clips.

  • Ponytail Remy hair extension: The ponytail Remy hair extensions are the type that will be tied to your neatly fixed real hair. Remy ponytail human hair is also very handy and used a lot to create fashionable, modern, youthful hairstyles that are proper for most ages.

Ponytail Remy hair extension

The ponytail raw Remy hair extension is also removable after use to create a comfortable scalp for the customers and tied back for subsequent uses. Therefore, the reuse lasts from 4 to 6 months.

Which Hairstyles You Can Do With Remy Hair Extension?


  • Many different hairs look: Remy hair extensions can be created in many hairstyles such as straight, naturally wavy, and curly… with various colors. Real Remy hair can be washed, blow-dried, curled,… with ease.

Chemical effects on Remy hair extensions (perm, straighten, heat styling…) can still give you the results you expect because the real hair structure is so much better and more durable than artificial hair extensions.


Remy hair extension- Hairstyles

  •  Still can be bleached and dyed from dark to blonde tone color?: Hair extensions cannot be bleached brighter (unless they are pure virgin hair). Remy hair extensions after bleaching or dyeing may not be evenly colored.

To be more specific for information on characteristics of Remy hair extension, this is due to the fact that Remy’s hair has already been chemically washed, so applying another chemical (bleach) will cause a new reaction that may change the texture and consistency of the hair. In this case, a good recommendation is you should consider bleaching Remy hair extensions and switching to dye basic colors so that you keep the hair’s durability for a long time.


Remy hair color tone

Should I Begin My Hair Extension Business With Remy Hair?

If you are going to start a career in the hair extension business, be wise and choose the real hair extensions that are appropriate for your purpose as well as your business development orientation.

For Remy hair extensions, the top priority is still on hairstyling instead of bleaching and dyeing like virgin hair extensions. Besides, the price of Remy hair extensions is also cheaper than virgin hair extensions.

As a result, if you are:

  • A small and medium-sized business with not too much capital
  • Preparing to start up in the human hair extensions industry
  • Want to target customers specializing in diversified hairstyles
  • Looking for real natural hair extensions that are high quality and can still be lightly bleached & dyed

then Remy hair extensions would be your best choice.

Compare Remy Hair Extensions & Virgin Hair Extension

  Remy Hair Extensions Virgin Hair Extensions
Quality High-quality High-quality
100 percent human hair 100 percent human hair
Comes from one or more donors Comes from a single donor
Could be processed with some heat treatment Never processed with any chemicals
Features Thicker, silky, sleek, shiny Purer,  glossy, smooth, soft
For mainly making a host of different hairstyles For mainly bleaching and dyeing
Durability Tends to last for over 6 months Could be last up to 8-12 months
Price More reasonable Quite expensive
Overall Both Remy hair extensions and Virgin hair extensions are raw human hairs that provide the highest quality in the hair extension field. However, there are several significant differences between these 2 types such as competitive characteristics or duration. All points considered, Remy hair extensions would have cheaper prices than Virgin hair extensions.

Table 1: Comparision between Remy hair vs Virgin hair

Top Countries Supplying The Best Remy Hair Extension

China- providing a large quantity of Remy hair extension

China has a large population, so the number of employees, as well as the number of hair donors, is quite abundant. Therefore, the large source of Remy hair extensions helps China become the country that sells the most Remy hair. This position is not stable and may be replaced by Hong Kong or some other countries.


China- huge quantity Remy hair extension


OR LIST OF Vietnamese Hair Vendors

India- offering low-cost Remy hair extension

With a hair structure that tends to be curly, India is smart in offering cheap prices for raw Remy hair extensions which are mainly exported to the Africa market. 

However, because of the uncertain social and political situation, India’s economy may be affected and other important issues in the provision of Remy hair extensions may suffer as well. This causes wholesalers to be concerned about the consistency and efficiency of Remy’s hair extension supply.


India- cheap prices for Remy hair extension

Vietnam- supplying highest Remy hair extension quality

Vietnam is a rapidly developing country in all aspects. With the advantage of peace and stability in both politics and society, Vietnam constantly promotes and improves the quality of vocational education, bringing the best, most modern, and trendy Remy hair extension products.

In particular, during the stressful situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam always actively controls and maintains a stable distribution of real Remy hair extensions to dealers from all over the world.


Vietnam- High quality Remy hair extension

Comparing Remy hair extensions from Vietnam, China, India

  Vietnam China India
Remy hair extension structure properties Pure, soft, natural color, straight, smoothy, silky, shiny, durable, no tangle, no shedding Long, thick, dark tone color, high humidity, glossy Light, airy, full of bounce, natural wave, and easy to style
The current hair buying trend In general, more and more businesses choose wholesale Remy hair extensions suppliers from the Vietnamese market. Not only because of the high quality from the structure of Vietnamese Remy real hair but also the professional and prestigious service from product consultation to delivery methods, payment methods,…

 Table 2: Comparision Remy hair extensions among Vietnam, China, India

Factors To Identify A Trust-Worthy Remy Hair Extension Vendor

So the question now is Where you can find an supplier of Remy hair extension that you can have the wholesale price – the best price you always want.

Regularly update information for Remy hair extension on social networks

When technology progresses, businesses are making more use of social networking platforms. The fact that reputable manufacturers keep new Remy hair extension product details updated on sites such as Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,… shows that they are continuously tracking consumer demands and delivering timely as well as necessary information.


Social media platform

Support and consultancy for Remy hair extensions are given quickly.

A reliable supplier will know how to satisfy you both before and after you order Remy hair extensions. The way they operate also allows for the proper allocation of staff who will be ready to respond to your messages and inquiries in the shortest possible time.

Even if you have negative feedback about Remy hair extension, trusted vendors are still willing to answer and care for you to improve their quality.   


Quick respond in short time

Product images taken by Remy hair extension supplier officially

If the Remy hair extension providers invest and enhance their hair extension image, it shows that they are willing to spend time and effort to bring you the best service experience. Besides, follow if they often take pictures of their Remy’s hair to post in the media. You can also request a video call or picture taken of Remy hair extensions to verify their company and factory if necessary.


Real Remy hair extension images

Feedbacks and reviews from customers for Remy hair extension

Good feedbacks from customers who have ordered and used Remy hair extensions play an important role in determining a reputable wholesale Remy hair extension supplier.

When a Remy human hair extension supplier really proves its credibility through real customer reviews, that’s amazing and impressive.


Good feedback from other customers

Trusted Vietnamese Hair  Distributors To Purchase Wholesale Remy Hair Extensions

To Purchase Here!

5S HAIR – The best option for you to buy Remy Hair Extension

5S Hair is the first Vietnamese hair factory, selling high-quality Remy hair extensions and many different types of hair extensions. They mostly focus on European hair extensions and distribute to wholesale hair dealers all over the world, including Russia, Brazil, the UK, and the US.

Remy hair extension in 5S Hair Factory is highly rated quality, which you might mistake for a higher end hair type: Virgin hair extension. Their hair is Remy but is carefully selected so that the hair in the bundle has the same quality. And the price is still very competitive so that 5S Hair Factory is the best option for Remy Hair Extension.

Remy hair extensions are often difficult to bleach and color as analyzed, however, with high-quality Remy hair from 5S Hair, the risk for this is very low.


5S HAIR-First hair extension factory in Vietnam

Especially, the professional working process of 5S Hair can satisfy the demanding requirements from businesses such as standard Remy hair weight, hair color standard, thickness & length as required, no hair error… 100% sales from 5S Hair will contact dealers directly via Whatsapp and show real Remy hair extensions images through video calls before passing the product to the delivery unit.


Professional and reliable Remy hair extension vendor

♥ If you have any interest, you could check the following contact information ♥

K-Hair Vietnam – An other option for Remy hair extension

K-hair company, which was founded in 1990, is one of the best hair vendors in Vietnam.


K-hair / Hair extension supplier

With over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, K-Hair Vietnam is reaffirming its status as the leading Remy hair extension supplier in Vietnam.

IImuse Look Hair

IImuse Look Hair offers a wide range of high-quality hair extensions, especially Remy hair extensions.


IImuse look hair- Remy hair distributor

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